A Commitment to Job Site Safety

Our dedicated safety professionals monitor operations in real-time to make our processes safer and more efficient. Their observations allow for immediate reinforcement of good safety practices and swift correction of those needing improvement. We are determined to keep our job sites safe so that every employee goes home safely at the end of each day.

New Hire Orientation

All employees receive a two-hour introduction to Miller & Long’s safety policies and procedures. This baseline training sets the foundation for continuous learning and improvement.

Safety Awareness Training

Safety awareness and hazard recognition are integral aspects of our safety program. After 90 days of employment, employees receive additional safety awareness training specific to their trade. This training allows new employees time to gain perspective of our safety policies from their on-the-job experiences. All field employees must also complete annual safety awareness training that provides updates on the ever-evolving Miller & Long Safety Program. Safety awareness training also provides an excellent feedback opportunity to Miller & Long leadership as employees are encouraged to provide their perspective on current policies and offer recommendations to maximize our safety program.

The Miller & Long Competent Person

Competent Person training is provided to carefully chosen employees in specialized competencies such as: fall protection, scaffolds, excavations, confined spaces, silica, rigging, cranes, etc. Each competent person learns to identify existing and predictable hazards. More importantly, they are granted full authority to take prompt corrective measures if they observe an unsafe practice.

Industrial Hygiene and Our Dedication to Healthy Work Sites

Industrial hygiene focuses on any work-related environmental factor that could impact a worker’s or the public’s health. These factors include dusts, chemicals, ergonomics, heat, noise, and more.

In partnership with insurance carriers, construction peers, government agencies, and other experts, Miller & Long pioneers industrial hygiene practices that improve our safety record. Our in-house industrial hygiene specialist ensures that our employees are well-trained in recognizing health hazards and that our ongoing controls are properly implemented and effective.

The Bottom Line

Our commitment to safety starts with company ownership. It permeates every level of management and flows to every tradesperson. We depend on our skilled tradespersons to help us achieve the highest level of safety possible.

See How Miller & Long’s Commitment to Safety is Reflected in Our Work