From Earliest Design Through Construction

From the initial design phase to the final construction plans, owners and developers are exploring what is possible – and what is economically feasible – for their next build.

    Collaborating for Success

    Starting in the earliest stages of a project, our preconstruction experts and estimators collaborate with general contractors, owners, and developers to develop accurate budgets, realistic schedules, and robust plans that ensure success. Together, we analyze options to optimize efficiencies and costs.

    Services include:

    • Value engineering. Analyzing structural designs, features, and material selections, we find more cost-effective and time-efficient ways of building the project, while meeting quality and safety requirements.
    • Efficiency Studies. By comparing multiple foundations and floor design options, we can determine which are most cost-effective.
    • Design-Assist. We work alongside the design and/or build team to ensure that the building structure is utilizing the most efficient design.
    • Budgeting. We have earned a trusted reputation for providing accurate, realistic figures and schedules.
    • Other Consultation and Guidance. Our team routinely advises on crane and batch plant locations and requirements, outlining logistical plans, and supporting the development of efficient schedules.

    Trusted Experience

    To deliver the assistance and numbers our customers’ trust, we do not stop at high-level estimates.

    Our preconstruction team offers:

    • Experience. We have 75 years of experience building strong, functional, and efficient structures that stand the test of time.
    • Diligence. Our team is committed to understanding and analyzing the projects, designs, and options.
    • Expertise. Built from decades of delivering successful award-winning projects, our team brings unmatched expertise to every project.